"Who Is It" Credits Update

Michael Jackson's 1993 single "Who Is It?" was directed by David Fincher. This much we already knew. Due to popular demand I went to look for a longer credit list -- and found it on Michael Jackson's "Dangerous - The Short Films" DVD.

Jim Haygood, a frequent Fincher collaborator, took on the editing of the clip. The legendary Jordan Cronenweth (director of photography on "Blade Runner" and Fincher's "Oh Father" for Madonna) helmed photography -- ... and some six years later, in 1999, David Fincher would collaborate with Cronenweth's son, Jeff, on FIGHT CLUB.

Full credits here:

Producers: Gregg Fienberg, Reid Shane for Propaganda Films
Director: David Fincher
Editor: Jim Haygood
Director of Photography: Jordan Cronenweth
Vfx: Dreamquest, Pacific Data Images


  1. Cronenweth actually worked with Fincher on Alien3 before leaving the production due to illness.

  2. You can hear the lonely wind breeze through this blog... it's gotten quiet. Wish more people would comment.

  3. Hi Brent. It did get quiet around here, didn't it? Where is everybody? Granted: Maybe the Michael Jackson update wasn't on too many people's minds, but I remember somebody asking for the credits and thought maybe more people care to know.

    There's not much Fincher news at this time; mostly idle speculation about THE SOCIAL NETWORK...

    I would love to see Fincher direct a new music video... I wonder what band he would do it for...?

  4. Maybe they're all on vacation! ;) I sure appreciate the credit info... I think it would be great to have a database on your new website with all this stuff, that would be more convenient to look at such data than on a blog...

    I gotcha, sometimes there just aren't any news... you could fill these holes with specials, like the one on Kyle Cooper... but it's not like you're getting paid for it (or do the ads generate enough revenue?), so feel free... ;)

    I'd love to see another music video for A Perfect Circle, I loved the one he did for the song Judith! NIN was also good... sometimes I enjoy kickass commercials and music videos even more than films, with all their 2 hour drama and characters... ;) just for the visual kicks!

  5. Hi Brent,

    I agree with the new website we will have much better possibilities to properly order and present all the information and data we have gathered so far. I am working on it... and speaking of the new site... I am hoping to put up the registration for it this week. No, "registration" doesn't mean it will be a pay-site. You'll see...

    As for specials: Yes, I would love to do a ton more specials and interviews (with all the DOPs, the writers, etc.) -- but that mostly is a question of time and or manpower... which hopefully will be answered with the new site as well.

    Thanks for the input. I appreciate it!

  6. Oh and remember the shorts about the commercial director? Here's another one in the same vein... ;)


  7. "consider it sucked..." haha