Green Light

Thanks to the anonymous contribution of this rumor/news: The source says "The Social Network" (Facebook Movie) has been greenlit based on Sorkin's script with production to begin in October.

The post also gives a budget and "confirms" David Fincher as director of the piece, alonside the known producers. Hollywood never ceases to amaze me: The first draft of the screenplay was finished around May and Sorkin was reported to take on other writing duties immediately afterwards. Maybe Fincher went into some heavy rewriting since then, but it still seems like an unusually fast forward deal.

I'd like to hear some opinions from people, who have actually read the first draft: Do you think it's possible that Fincher gets this to shooting script level in such little time?

I certainly don't mind a quick next Fincher flick. I'm just amazed how fast-tracked this project seems to go...

Here's the link again:


  1. Yay!! The Schlamme guy is not attached to direct anymore...

  2. I'll gladly give you my opinion on the first draft! Where can I download it?

  3. still don't believe it...

  4. This will be a very interesting movie that will keep me interested from the very beginning..