This Is Who I Am

There is exactly one source world-wide that seems to get the best interviews out of David Fincher: It's the folks at Empire Magazine. And guess what? They just did it again...

They run this little section called "This is who I am", where cool people like Mr. Fincher will share such fun insights at why he got really fed up with the Rolling Stones, what his first album was he ever bought and answers the question, what his mom thought of Benjamin Button.

If you are curious to know a few of these quirky details about our favorite director... this is who David Fincher is!

Thanks to Wolfgang and Fitz for sharing! I am David Fincher


  1. thanks for the link. funny stuff.

  2. yeah, thanks for the link, andreas.
    i actually think inconsequential questions like these are 10x better than the usual kind we get during celeb interviews.

  3. i agree with David K. , and thanks for the link

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