The Social Network

This is making waves: David Fincher is in talks to direct The Social Network, an adaptation of the book about the two friends who created facebook -- and now hate each other.

The premise sounds promising to me, although I have to say there is a grave danger to try and hype this story on the success of facebook, which I don't think the story has anything to do with that. In Fincher's hands this can be gold, because he understands a project from a story and character standpoint. And he can talk studio execs and others out of what he knows is not good for the story.

But to even the waves a little: David Fincher is "in talks" to direct about a handful of projects, so I am not going to get very crazy about news like this until Fincher starts shooting something...

Here's a load of links, thanks for everyone finding and contributing these:


  1. Next up:
    directed by Steven Soderbergh

  2. The Ebay Trilogy, Peter Jackson

  3. The Trilogy:
    Facebook by David Fincher
    Twitter by James Cameron
    MySpace by Christopher Nolan

    I just kidding. I believe in Fincher.

  4. I can already hear the smoky trailer voice:

    "In a land... where Google rules... emerges a hero... who must save humankind from censorship... by twittering about his every move... (big explosion) featuring Rob Schneider! as the Twitterer!"

  5. WTF?! Social Networks seem diametral to a good story...

  6. Apparently Michael Bay already made a Twitter movie:

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  8. I can't wait for when all the hype around Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and all that Web 2.0 bullshit calms down. I hate all that internetty stuff and don't want to hear opinions from every idiot on the planet + what he's doing every minute... I just don't care. In that sense I'm more traditional, I guess, although I'm "just" 23 years old. Self-censorship should be reintroduced to people.

  9. Facebook has kind of a widened definition of "friends". And I don't really like stripping down in public, in front of a 6 billion audience.

  10. Let's start a petition to stop this travesty from happening!

  11. Hm, I think it can be a great movie in Fincher's hands. Give it a little FIGHT CLUB, and maybe some AMERICAN PSYCHO. I can see this turn out to be a great film. I trust the man.

  12. "Let's start a petition to stop this travesty from happening!"

    I wish people would read the links provided. It would be a movie about the HUMAN BEINGS involved in making facebook, it wouldn't be a movie about facebook.

    Human beings= drama

    And drama is what we want, so can people stop the knee jerk bullshit at least on this site.

    If you want to be a dick go to IMDB or AICN

  13. "It would be a movie about the HUMAN BEINGS involved in making facebook"

    I would hardly call Mark Zuckerberg a human being. He's a whore for money and a backstabbing nerd. He's more like Gollum than a human being.

  14. "He's a whore for money and a backstabbing nerd."
    That should make for a decent movie!

  15. Yes Anonymous at 12:35. Are you proving my point or are you proving my point?

    Yes a movie about the backstabbing money loving whores behind facebook sounds like a fucking great movie to me.