David Fincher's Next Movie: "The Social Network"

Wow, that was quick: Guess what? IMDB.com has just added "The Social Network" as David Fincher's next movie as a director. Set for a 2010 release (although with Fincher I would bet on '11). But the oddest thing: he's one of two directors attached!

Okay, it's late and I actually should be sleeping, so maybe I am just imagining this. But I just went over to IMDB to see if they had updated Fincher's profile, and indeed they did. So it looks as if this things is in the process of getting made... and at the very least there seem to be more reasonable indications for this happening than "The Killer" or "The Goon" or "Chef" or any other of Fincher's half-a-dozen in-development credits.

I confess, I think this is kind of cool. We haven't heard so much, but it sounds like this could turn out to be yet another brilliant pairing of director and material. And to answer to some of the skeptical comments: I am absolutely confident that Fincher will not capitalize on facebook popularity, but focus on telling a really good and dramatic story.

The only thing I wonder is: What's with the co-director? The film has a very brief cast & crew section as of now, Kevin Spacey, Michael De Luca and Scott Rudin are producing (sounds good). And they have some hot chick as their only cast so far (sounds even better). And the other director has done a capital L.O.A.D of TV.

So who's that Thomas Schlamme character?

All in all: Awesome news!


  1. WTF?????

    Sorry to say it but this Thomas Schlamme guy seems like an A class hack. I'm very intrigue (not in a good way) by the prospect of Fincher sharing the Director's chair with a HACK.

    I don't know about the accuracy of IMBD but if true Fincher is my kind of masochist and I'm sure some funny ass stories will come out of this one-if at all true.

  2. Yeah its werid - but I feel confident about the movie too! It seems like its going to be more about the falling out of the two main characters rather than the creation of facebook. It seems like most social networking sites are viewed under a magnifying glass for being lame in some form or another - I bet thats the main reason theres a lot of dissent towards the creation of the movie. But whatever, everyone knows this movies' gonna be ballin.

  3. The Demise Of David Fincher. I'm losing faith in him.

    I do not want to see a movie about Facebook. It sounds like an april fool's joke to me. And someone like Thomas Schlemme co-directing (WTF?!!) isn't particularly reassuring.

    In conclusion: WTF?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Are you fucking kidding me?? These aren't good news, it's fucking bad news! It feels like Santa Clause is kicking me in the nuts and telling me he's just a bum from down the street in a costume!!

  5. @ Anonymous 9:14 PM

    Sorry to hear about you and Santa this way.
    I suggest we wait for the movie (if it indeed happens) and then judge by the movie if it's "the demise of David Fincher". I don't think it's so dramatic.

    BTW, has anyone read the book?

  6. My theory: Thomas Schlamme uses David Fincher's name to gain momentum. It's an elaborate hoax. I don't think it's believable that Fincher would co-direct with a tv guy, given his control issues. And directing someone like Bethany Carkhuff of "Simple Life" and MTV fame doesn't seem to be his casting instinct either.