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I've added the link to the full interview with Eastman. It's mostly about "Turtles", but everything on Fincher is pure gold...

I'm proud to pass on to you the best news ever passing through the Fincher universe: Kevin Eastman announced that David Fincher and James Cameron will be Co-Executive Producers on the new film adaptation of "Heavy Metal" -- and each will direct their own segment. Now if that news doesn't make your day...

When it comes down to favorite directors, James Cameron is an obvious choice. You can love or hate TITANIC, but still there is no way around acknowleding his story-telling mastery, the strive for perfection in directing and the commercial and artistic impact of such films as THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, THE ABYSS and TERMINATOR 2. (And I did love TITANIC). No matter if you do or don't like James Cameron, his name being attached to the new "Heavy Metal" adaptation adds a lot of momentum... So apart from the fact that this project has one of the best directing crews I could ever think of, I think the film just got a lot closer to getting made... sooner... and even better.

Fincher and Cameron share a passion for digital filmmaking and pushing the edge of what is technologically possible. They are master story-tellers and among the world's finest filmmakers. And with Eastman saying they have even more directors "equally as jaw-dropping" that makes it sound like it will be the biggest cinematic feast of the near future.

What mind-blowing news!!! Thanks, Wolfgang, for the link.

You all go to the original source to read up (they will add a full interview with Kevin Eastman soon). And go to LatinoReview as well... for the same news -- but more dirty covers... Heavy Metal Adds Cameron... Heavy Metal Returns With Cameron...

Full Interview With Kevin Eastman


  1. Oh my, I can't get over it: Just think of the Special Edition DVD for a film like that. It's a total must-have. And it would allow for a great directors' round table discussion and commentary orgy. I hope they ink a deal soon, announce this production officially and feed us a release date!

  2. Heah... imagine a commentary featuring Fincher, Cameron, Snyder... Wow!! Best news ever!

  3. Yeah, I was wondering what ever happened to Cameron after "titanic". Now suddenly he's back and with all this cool stuff. Can't wait!


  4. There's a new iPhone 3G commercial, I wonder if Fincher shot it.

  5. Here´s a link:

    To me it looks a 100% Fincher. Probaly was shoot back to back with the previous iPhone spot "Hallway". But lets wait till fincherfanatic has all the infos.

  6. Here's the Apple link, hidef:

    So far I haven't found any info on whether Fincher directed that one. If anyone has any info... please...

  7. Yup, he done it again.

    Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
    Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
    Executive Creative Directors: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
    Creative Directors: Scott Trattner, Alain Briere
    ACD/Art Director: Nathan Iverson
    Sr. Copywriter: Kevin Tenglin
    Agency Producers: Mike Refuerzo, Chrissy Gilmartin

    Production Co: Anonymous Content
    Director: David Fincher
    DP: Jeff Cronenweth

    Editorial Co: Rock, Paper, Scissors
    Editor/Colorist: Angus Wall

    VFX/Online: Asylum
    VFX Supervisor: Tim Davies
    Music Composer: David Holmes
    Sound Design: Ren Klyce

  8. What's there to love about Titanic? And how is Cameron a fit to direct women with large breasts in erotic action? Maybe the scene where Leonardo draws the boobies of Winslet gives him some credentials to direct erotic scenes.