JoBlo's Homage To Fight Club

Amazingly, this fall it will have been ten years since to most hard-hitting comedy ever came out: David Fincher's stylish, genius, perfect masterpiece of a novel-adaptation -- "Fight Club". As we heard from David Prior, Fox will honor the date by releasing a 10th Anniversary DVD for the movie. And to shorten that wait, here's a tribute to the film by the folks at JoBlo's Movie Show...

It's basically the dudes celebrating their passion for a great film, with their "8 rules of watching Fight Club", an analysis of the homosexual undertone of the film, the wonderfully nasty quotes from Marla Singer, and a trailer for "Fight Club 2".

Thanks to Angelo for finding and sharing this! Have fun:


  1. Somehow I missed the trailer for Fight Club 2. Is that the Bollywood version?

    Anyway, I didn't like it. It's just a bunch of film geeks putting together amateur videos with bad acting.

    Don't waste 22 minutes of your life. Tyler Durden would say so too.

  2. Is it going to be on blu ray too? I'm going to assume so since DF is so tech savvy and insistent about his work being viewed in the best form possible.

  3. Look first, then ask. It's on blu ray already.

    And tech savvy has nothing to do with publishing a film on blu ray. Every home user can burn a movie on blu ray.

  4. I think anonymous #2 was asking about the FIGHT CLUB 10th Anniversary Special Edition... and while I do not know, my educated guess would be -- yes, it's definitely coming out on BluRay!

  5. Oh right, my bad. Yeah I think the industry has accepted blu ray as the norm over hddvd now, so every major film in the future will come out on blu ray.