Benjamin Button Vfx

For everyone who missed it the first time around: Digital Domain's site for a behind the scenes look at Benjamin Button is now online for everyone... no passwords... no limits... just amazing visual effects!

The site originally went up to impress Academy folks to cast their vote for the film, which they ended up doing, and I guess they decided to just keep it running to now let everyone know that "Benjamin Button" is THE MUST HAVE DVD this summer. Rumor has it, the film will be in stores on May 12th, which of course would be great. And knowing Fincher's previous DVD output, I guess we can look forward to one crazy special edition for this piece -- complete with commentary tracks and more behind-the-scenes stuff, which I am all dying to see!

For know, check out how they made Brad Pitt look like a gartenzwerg, how they put the Chelsea in rough waters and how surprisingly much they had to do to make beauty Cate Blanchett look like a 20-year-old total babe.

Wonderful site. Thanks Christophe!

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  1. when i first saw the movie i was amaized at the age makeup work but when i came to know that the Benjamin head was digitally made and it is a work of several hard years then at the very moment my heart start beating very hard i started praying digital domain that what they have done i have no word to express my feelings and i know most of you out there have the same feelings about the movie........