David Fincher Interviews

Promotion may be a pain in the wherever for Mr. Fincher (as it seems). It is very much a pleasure, though, for the rest of us, his fans, to get thrown new interview tid-bits and with it inspiration and a fix of Fincher wisdom... such as: 'you don't need a separate tux for Oscar night!'

Thank you all for finding and sharing these with everyone else: Fitz, Thiago, Shannon, Craig and Alexander! -- Great job!

I don't have any time to describe them, but they are all wonderful.

Oh, and as for the debate whether Mr. Fincher reads this blog: I don't know. And I don't have any affiliation nor contact to Mr. Fincher or his management to ask him if he does. (Everyone sending me scripts, demo reels or movie ideas may please re-read this last sentence).

I have seen several logs from "paramount.com"... which would be anyone at a Paramount server. But of course, Fincher should be reading this blog. Think of the insights he could gain from reading about... uhm... himself...

Here are the interviews. Enjoy:

Guardian.co.uk: Transcript Of David Fincher Interview
Guardian.co.uk: Video Interview -- Fincher In The Director's Chair
Empireonline.com: Short Video Interview With David Fincher
Allocine.fr: David Fincher Talks About His Films

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