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... here's a bunch of David Fincher items, fincherfanatics have gathered from all over the web. I don't have a lot of time for moderation on these. But I am pretty sure you all care more about the content anyway!

Christophe has found this wonderful interview Amy Taubin of Film Comment has done with Mr. Fincher. It is very detailed, very technical if you will, and you can tell that Mrs. Taubin knows her stuff. For all the unfortunate ones who haven't seen the film yet, this may contain some light spoilers. So read with caution! The Time Machine

Next, there was a load of nominations dealt out over the course of this last week, including the ASC, WGA and DGA nominations. And, as was to be expected, "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" was named in all of them.

The ASC nominated Claudio Miranda for Best Cinematography, the Writer's Guild sends Eric Roth into the bid for Best Adapted Screenplay, and the Director's Guild has David Fincher go head to head with Danny Boyle, Ron Howard, Christopher Nolan and Gus Van Sant. That should make for an interesting award, since Mr. Boyle and Fincher are the only first-timers to be nominated -- while Fincher did previously (and rightfully) win the DGA award for outstanding directorial achievements in commercials.

Here are the full stories (thanks to Thiago):
ASC Nominees
WGA Nominations
DGA Nominations

Frequent contributor Simon, our strong contact from the UK, reports that finally TCCOBB is picking up, marketing-wise. The British Film Institute is to kick off a series appreciating David Fincher's already delivered masterpieces, starting January 10th and running through the 31st. David Fincher will personally be present on a January 18th screening of "Benjamin Button" -- which is the only event that is already fully booked. If you are hanging out in London and want a fix for your Fincher cravings, you know where to get your ticket! (Uh, "Fight Club", "Se7en", "The Game" on the big screen again ... sounds miraculously!)

"Before you see Button, Fight Club, Zodiac or Se7en, listen to this podcast on David Fincher". Anything more to add? The Film Society Of Lincoln Center seems to share our fascination with Mr. Fincher's creative output. Which is why they have put on a panel of critics to chat about Fincher's works and career.

Download an mp3-version of this here:
"Under The Sign Of Fincher" -- Critic's Roundtable MP3
Filmlinc.wordpress Blog Post

And last but not least our favorite film magazine EMPIRE has stunned us with another Fincher exclusive in their January issue -- a one-on-one interview with the master filmmaker --, and editor and writer Nev Pierce was kind enough to make the piece available on his personal website. EMPIRE not only seems to have the very best Fincher items around ... unfortunately they also prove to be rather hard to get outside of the UK. If any one of you has the chance (ever) to pick up their magazine, do so.

Big thanks to Empire and Nev!
Empireonline: The Magazine
Empire Q&A With David Fincher


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