LA Times: "Benjamin Button" Getting Younger

With little over one month to the theatrical release of the long-awaited David Fincher love-and-death epic "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" finally the film gets picked up by news sources everywhere to get the hype rolling. We'll be glad to jump on board: Here's another short article by the L.A. Times!

Expectations are high. Not only because of the long time this project has been in development and due to the tremendous budget and long-winding post-production efforts on the film. But also because David Fincher has made a reputation for creating timeless movie-making masterpieces, with certainly "Se7en", "Fight Club" and his recent "Zodiac" standing out as quite remarkable works of Hollywood's recent 15 years.

What now to expect of "Benjamin Button", a movie that begins to stun by its extraordinary tag-line long before you see the first frame of its pioneering visual effects trickery? -- Mark Olsen of the LA Times says:

"In the hands of director David Fincher and screenwriter Eric Roth, 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and opening Dec. 25, has been turned into a dazzling somersault of a movie that tumbles easily over decades, strange and swoony and romantic and sad."

And adding to this, Olsen's photo-article features a total of four frames from the movie, portraying Brad Pitt's aging process, at least two of which I haven't seen anywhere else. David Fincher speaks about his concern and dedication to making the effects work in every frame, in order to allow the audience to truly empathize with the film's lead-character. And additionally, Academy Award winning make-up artist Greg Cannom comments on the aging effects he and his team have achieved with "it was absolutely shocking how beautiful it was".

Need more of these praising, expectations raising outlooks!
Check out the full photo-article here: Benjamin Button only getting younger

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