David Fincher Is The Chef

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For some obscure reason the news of a possible Reeves and Fincher collaboration gives some people a bad itch. I don't get it. For me personally it was the first time I have stumbled over this rumor; the only other project I have heard going through the treadmill that was somewhat like it was "Seared" (Kitchen Confidential), which Brad Pitt was attached to some 5 or so years ago.

Anyway, thanks Thiago, for finding another site reporting on this. The best part of that is the comments section, where idle speculation is ongoing on just what this project may actually be all about.

It will crack you up!
Why not add yet another project to David Fincher's already crowded production slate? Rumor has it, Fincher is eying a new project developed by Keanu Reeves, called "Chef".

To add to the mystery nobody seems to know what the story of it is supposed to be, nor further details about the project's current status. Anything with Fincher sounds like fun, in my opinion, and I guess by the time 2009 rolls around, we'll know a little better just what Fincher decides on doing next.

With about a dozen projects with Fincher on and off the director's chair one should take this as nothing more than a rumor. Albeit a good one.

Thanks Thiago for the find!
FirstShowing: David Fincher To Direct Keanu Reeves?

Update, second link:
Slashfilm: David Fincher attached to Keanu Reeves' Chef Project


  1. These aren't news. He's been attached to Reeves' project for quite some time now. It's about a cook, and Keanu is set to star in it.

  2. Yes, this is Fincher's live-action backstory of South Park's Chef. It's all about how he fell from being a world-renowned R&B singer to a Colorado school cafeteria cook. This is totally true.


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