Benjamin Button Reviews And Q&A

First reviews are out of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" by individuals who have actually seen the entire film in an advanced screening. And gladly one of them has also attended a Q&A with David Fincher and Brad Pitt afterwards and posted the main points on his blog.

You may wanna be careful spoiler-wise; at least with the PopCultureNerd review: the Q&A is rather light -- but the review certainly isn't. Also from this one, prepare for a sober, rather analytical assessment of the movie, which may affect your expectations. To even this out, I have also added an early review by Anne Thompson of Variety, who makes sure to declare, she were "not a Fincher kool aid drinker" -- which is what all of us probably are! Anyway, she didn't like "Se7en" and "Zodiac" too much, but does seem to have found quite an enjoyment in watching "Benjamin Button".

Since I will not read the screenplay before I see the film (and obviously haven't seen the film yet), I cannot evaluate the specific points these reviewers are making, even though they both do seem thought-out and reasonable.

Take them as two early opinions. After all, one of them is not an excessive kool aid drinker and the other is a pop-culture nerd!

Anne Thompson's "Benjamin Button" Review

Review Of "Benjamin Button"
Q&A With Brad Pitt And David Fincher


  1. with the 20 minute preview reaction and now this it doesn't make TCCOBB sound like much of a shot at best picture. sounds like the filmmakers were concerning themselves too much with making a flashy fx movie after all than telling a compelling emotional story. true, gotta wait for the film to form a real opinion. but the early reviews for this don't sound too good in my book!

  2. i'll just have to wait and see. zodiac was the best film of 2007 in my opinion and i'm certainly a fincher kool aid drinker. i'm sure it will be far from disappointing.