"Torso" May Be Up Next For David Fincher

A guy by the funny name of "frosty" of collider.com caught up with producer Bill Mechanic to talk about his upcoming projects. One of them being the film-adaptation of the "Torso" graphic novel, which David Fincher is set to direct -- and will most likely do next!

What's funny about Bill Mechanic is that if you check his IMDB resume he doesn't read like much of a Hollywood personality. But I am sure you have come across the name before: Since Mr. Mechanic was the former chairman of 20th Century Fox, overseeing the production of such incredible milestone movies as "Braveheart", "Titanic", "Fight Club" and the "X-Men" franchise.

In the video interview available at collider.com Mechanic more or less confirms Matt Damon as attached to star as Eliot Ness, and talks of a possible start of this production as early as March 2009. That would definitely make "Torso" David Fincher's next effort after "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".

What's interesting about this project is that it shares pretty much the exact same premise as does "Zodiac", which makes me wonder what special nouance or what thematic aspect Fincher sees in this, which he feels he can expand on over "Zodiac". And what I mean by "pretty much the same premise" is "the hunt for a serial killer, who was never caught".

Mechanic says the film-adaptation will not follow the graphic novel too closely and may even go by another title. Certainly Brian Bendis' graphic novel would still make a good place for anyone, who wants to get a head-start on what this could look and feel like.

Collider.com: Interview with Bill Mechanic [video]


  1. We all know that Fincher is a master at the serial killer genre, and the possibility of him working with Matt Damon is extremely appealing, but I personally think I'd like to see him go in a different direction.

  2. there are probably more serial killer movies out there than actual serial killer cases.