Nike - "Fate"

The new David Fincher directed Nike Football commercial everyone has been waiting for... here it is: A story of fate. Two rivals. One final clashing moment. -- And with one excellent Morricone remix!

Once again it's a Wieden & Kennedy thought up concept, once more it's Angus Wall doing the editing and Ren Klyce designing the sound. Newly added to Fincher's crew this time is the magnificient cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who photographed films like "Sleepy Hollow" (for Tim Burton), "Ali" (for Michael Mann), "Great Expectations" and "Children Of Men" (for Alfonso CuarĂ³n) and last not least "Burn After Reading". So I guess it was about time Fincher and Lubezki got together! Certainly an excellent choice.

Love the mood and lighting of this!

Thanks to Eric, Jeff and Christophe for the links. I recommend the link... since it lets you download the commercial in decent quality! -- Get it while it's hot:

Boardsmag: Nike - Fate Nike - Fate (downloadable)


  1. Great one again. Lots of handheld shots in it. Anyone know the title of that Morricone Remix?

    The "Leave Nothing" spots are all very cool, also checkout Michael Mann´s ad:

  2. Not too Fincherish.

  3. Hello everyone,
    Can someone help me to contact David?
    I just want to show him my artwork:

    have a good one.!

  4. composition, editing, sound - fincher all over the place. although i know what you mean (jeff) when you say you think it's not too fincherish.

    maybe it's the aspect ratio that changed since it's an ad, or maybe it's handheld camerawork. for me works just fine and i think it's a director experimenting and trying new ways to say something.

    i'm eager to see fincher go all crazy with handheld since the directors i love the most (kubrick, nolan and mann) all use the technique at some point.

    fincher used in seven (the chase sequences) and in the taxi murder scene in zodiac... as far as i can remember. does anyone remember any more handheld in his films?

  5. Go to his house and ring the bell. I tried that to get my screenplay produced, but he didn't open the door. He just looked out the window suspiciously, and after some time the security guards (from the gated community he lives in) came to escort me out the main gate.

    I sneaked in through the hole in the fence from the wood side. Maybe you can try getting in there, but I guess they've fixed it by now.

    I just sent the screenplay (about snowboarding superheroes) to his agent instead, along with a few headshots of my cousin. Haven't heard anything (yet) though. Good luck!

  6. @ Thiago

    Fincher's best handheld spots: The Dennis Hopper crazed referee! Haha. Those are just hilarious!

    I do agree this is an element that sets this spot apart from many of his commercials of the last years, which were either all dolly ... well, or cgi. (Gridiron, Adidas Legs, HP Constant Change, ...)

    And, uhm ...

    @ Borat

    ... -- What?!

  7. Marc,

    The music is a remix of "L'Estasi Dell 'Oro", aka "The Ecstasy of Gold" from the
    score for "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"


  8. @ Thiago
    There were a couple of handheld shots in the finale of se7en as well and I´m not talking only about the helicopter shots. As soon as the box is openend lots (but not all) of the shots of Freeman and Pitt are handheld.

    I like the fact that Fincher´s handheld shots draw attention to themselves but are not extremly shaky.
    For my taste Mann`s last film was excessively shaky. I think he found the perfect balance with Collateral but went over the top with Miami Vice.

  9. @ marc

    you're right about the finale of se7en. i remembered them.

    and about michael mann, i couldn't agree with you more. miami vice went a little over the top, although i like the film in general, except for the role "cuban/chinese" accent. even though i don't speak spanish, i'm brazilian so the sound is very familiar. that thing gong li did was horrible.

  10. Oh my god, [thiago] must be agreeing with about anybody. Get your own opinion, man. Don't be such a windflag.

  11. I agree with everything you say, Brent! lol

  12. I found the full version of this Morricone remix on youtube:

    Great stuff! I love it.

  13. Showing Scientology video ads again... those damn cult bastards. I know it's not your fault, but can't you disable some content?

  14. Damn. Thanks for the info, anonymous.

    I did already put the key word "scientology" on the ban list. But maybe / obviously they are working around that.

    I have never seen the ad your talking about, which doesn't make it easier. If you can tell me their domain I can try to ban that directly. And for so long... I hope you can resist clicking on any of their stuff!

  15. what the fu$% are you talking about brent? and what was the point in your commentary? i just remembered what marc pointed out about seven and agreed with him on michael mann's miami vice. ONE opinion agreed upon. i was just trying to be polite, since english is not my native language.

    can't we just live in harmony here, and respect each other, instead of acting like a stupid troll on an imdb board? get a grip and start acting like a grown man. or maybe you're just a kid, in this case you're forgiven.

  16. thanks for the remix link!!!

  17. @ thiago

    You have been known to excessively agree with other people in previous posts, so I'm doing you the service of pointing it out for you.

    Now next time you write a comment, you're gonna be careful not to agree so much... HA! Victory is mine!

  18. @ brent

    you're right.

    i totally agree with you.

    from now on i'm not gonna agree with anyone else.

    except for this one last time, i agree with you. ; )

    did i tell you that you're totally right?

    and by the way, i agree that the victory is yours.

  19. @ brent

    ps: i'm putting it to rest. can you do the same as a favor to our friend "fincherfanatic"? take care mate.

  20. Ok thiago, let's join our hands in a circle.
    Be careful, one day you're gonna win the nobel prize in peace efforts. ; )

  21. guys, there is no handheld camera work in here. hate to burst your bubble.

    some steadicam, a bit of camera shake here and there on a long lense shot and again off a dolly. but no handheld.

    glad everyone loves the ad though.

  22. There are definetly handheld shots in it. That shot of the small child running around in diapers...there is way to much mowement on the borders of the frame for a steadycam. Same with the kid crashing the table. Got anything to proove your point?

  23. Can anyone help me find the song used for Nike Fate

    I know it's Jay Z blue print2 sample of Morricone but can't find anything...

    Neeeed heellppp

  24. Damien,

    This is the full song, it's called "Bandini Remix". Good luck!