Interviews & First Look At Benjamin Button

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Make sure you check the comments-section for some great follow up links. Thanks Simon!

Buckle up, there's a lot ahead. As part of this year's Telluride Film Festival they were having a director's special honoring the works of David Fincher -- and they used the occasion to showcase some of Fincher's work from commercials and music videos to movies. Including a 20 minutes sneak-peek at the highly anticipated "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

As a reaction of this event the web is buzzing with article upon article on the preview, and here are a collected some of them to give you an idea:

Cinematical: Live From Telluride

This article gives you a glance at the circumstances when the preview was shown and how the mixed reactions may be explained. My recommended first read.

Slashfilm: First Look At "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"

WARNING: From the little I have read before starting to skip some paragraphs whoever-wrote-this wasn't very shy to put in some spoilers. If you want to walk into the theater with a fresh mind, you might want to consume this read very selectively. It also seems the writer of this piece didn't thoroughly enjoy the sneak-peek too much -- which might partly be explained by the excerpt not being one continuous sequence in the movie, but rather selected scenes (from what I understand).

Slashfilm: Interview with David Fincher

Then there is this second part of the article, where the writer gives a summary of the interview Festival host Ken Burns conducted with David Fincher.

And this is really worth a lot of attention. It contains some new info on David Fincher hopping into his career and his younger years, his favorite films, and some advice he received from director Joel Schumacher.

Spout: Scene-by-scene breakdown of TCCOBB preview

And this finally is where the shakra hits the fans: Another reaction on the first look at TCCOBB. One that is very much more positive and full of praise about the movie. But one that goes on to give you a detailed preview of every scene of that preview.

For anyone who wants to get as much early info as they can this is certainly almost as great as the clips themselves up on google video or something. Since I want to stay spoiler free as far as possible, I haven't read the full article. However, the author of this was nice enough to sound off a clear spoiler warning ... and it's safe to read the post up until a screenshot of the film, after which the spoiling begins.

So ...

It's great to see more TCCOBB out there with hopefully a full trailer and some behind-the-scenes and vfx features to come soon. A director's tribute for Fincher also sounds like a fun thing, and I sure wish I could have been there.

Big thanks to everyone finding and reporting these articles.
And to everyone else: Enjoy!

Cinematical: Live From Telluride
Slashfilm: First Impressions on TCCOBB
Slashfilm: Telluride -- David Fincher Tribute
Spout: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Preview


  1. There is a five minute video excerpt of the Fincher event with Todd McCarthy here ~
    The full hour must have been comitted to tape so let's hope it appears somewhere, sometime.

  2. Here's an excerpt from another Fincher outdoor(!) event at Telluride ~
    Mike Leigh and Fincher on the same panel. Wow!

  3. I love when Finch' speaks about his favorite movies. But he mentions every time old movies...

    Does somebody knows what recent films or directors he like.

    i know that when Panic Room come out in 2001, he said in an interview he like the jobs of Sam Mendes, Danny Boyle, Spike Jonze... but it's now 7 years old !

  4. I think its unfair to judge the movie by seeing 2o minutes of a film. A critic saying he didnt understand a scene or it was a long scene. Its only a 20 minute clip of course your not going to be emotionally involved.

  5. Funny guy. Wish the whole hour was up somewhere.