Rama-Writer Passed Away

Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke passed away early Wednesday, March 19th 2008 at age 90. This comes as sad news! Clarke was a milestone of science-fiction, his greatest feat being "2001: A Space Odyssey" with Stanley Kubrick's indelible film-masterpiece based on Clarke's story.

I'm certainly not an expert on Arthur C. Clarke's work, but I was always impressed with his boundless imagination and the astounding and often precise worlds he has created in his fiction. The reason I am sharing this news on the Fincher blog, is that I am sure many of you will feel sorry for Clarke's passing away, but also because I am sure we all would have loved to see a personal input from Clarke into Morgan Freeman's and David Fincher's long-planned film-adaption of "Rendezvous With Rama" -- which will now no longer be possible.

"Rendezvous With Rama" has been in development for more than a decade and is still listed as an "in pre-production" property of Morgan Freeman's Revelation Entertainment. With the sad news of Clarke's death more than ever I wish the screen-adaption will move forward soon and that David Fincher will raise another cinematic memorial in Arthur C. Clarke's honor, the likes of "2001".

NY Times: Arthur C. Clarke Dies At 90

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  1. nicely put fincherfanatic.

    i wish that too, and i hope we can be heard.