The Style And Substance Of David Fincher

In the aftermath of the discussion whether David Fincher is genius or not and whether his style can be studied and broken down in learnable lessons, frequent contributor Shannon provides us with his opinion via his 2004 article "Visions of Dystopia" of YouthQuake Magazine.
"His" article, because he didn't just uncover it -- he wrote it!

First of all, Shannon, thanks for sharing this with us. What Shannon's article does is closely examine Fincher's feature film work and commenting on the story-telling genius in each and every one of them. What appears as one of the major Fincher principles is to never settle for anything less than the best you can deliver, as well as to dig into your material (whether it's your visual presentation or the movements and themes of your story), to break down and destroy the conventions of the genre you are working in and manipulate audience expectation until you find something new.

The article examines many interesting questions, such as and maybe most importantly, 'how does a non-conformist like Fincher, with his stark dystopian stories and characters, manage so well within the conformist and commercialist world that is Hollywood?'.

A great read for every fan. -- Enjoy:

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