Winner of TCCOBB Wallpaper Competition

We've had the voting for the best fan-made TCCOBB wallpaper up and running for a total of four weeks. And now we have a clear winner:
It's Mr. Xavier Andres with a wallpaper I believe he initially titled
"A Dark Tale". -- How quite suitable!

Xavier's design came in first place with a clear 57.9% of the votes, and with just under 100 FincherFanatics participating. What makes this wallpaper stand out as a winner is the superb typography for the film's title and the authentic credits box. Gotta love it!

So it's "Congratulations" to you Xavier.
And a big "Thank You" to all other participants and voters.

The only thing left to say: Now that we have such a nice fan-made design, let's hope we will see some official artwork soon!

If you want, Xavier, feel free to comment below.
The same goes for everyone else!


  1. Well you'll be glad to know that there are quite a few computers at Digital Domain with the CCBB Wallpapers from this site on their desktop.