PLF Delivers Pre-Vis On "Panic Room"

I want to share this antique article with you about Visual Effects company Pixel Liberation Front, that undertook the challenge to pre-visualize David Fincher's 2002 feature film -- in its entirety! -- before one single frame of film was shot.

Those of you who own the must-have 3-Disc Special Edition have of course seen some excerpts, and some of these pre-vis to final-film comparisions, and you know that they are truly amazing. This article now provides some further information on how this pioneering stride to pre-visualize an entire movie helped David Fincher direct ... and make PANIC ROOM the perfect film it is.

From camera-work to set-construction, editing to production design the pre-vis helped to shape and improve the film in all areas. And it even helped to save some money along the way.

Dive into the full article here:

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  1. thank god i have my copy. it is indeed, a must-have.