Making Of "SE7EN"

There is hardly a movie I love as much and can watch and re-watch as often as David Fincher's genre masterpiece "SE7EN". And even if this I am linking you to may possibly be included on some DVD, just the sight of a "Making Of" for this brilliant film makes my heart leap.

Okay. Please forgive me for being lyrical here for a second.

I cannot think of any one bit of information in this short clip that was new to me (or could be to any fan of the film), and also its choice of music is quite absurd to say the least ...

So: Very obviously this youtube-video should not be watched for informational purposes. Instead consider this an item of nostalgia!
For one great, indelible picture! And let's all wish we will be seeing more of this kind for "Benjamin Button" soon.


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  1. thanks!

    always digging up treasures.

    take care.