Tyler Durden's Top 5 Tips for Living

A guy named John Place has attempted and done the impossible: Turn the twisted philosophical rantings of Tyler Durden into an online self-development article. An absolute must-read for every fan!

When surfing the web recently, searching for new brain-food for my Fincher fanatic mind, I ran right into JohnPlaceOnline.com -- and his wonderful article about the teachings of Tyler Durden. I thought of the site as "just another self-help guru", but taking a second look even apart from the Fight Club article I did find some cool items, and the author to be a seemingly interesting person.

Anyhow: His Tyler Durden powered self-help article is the peak of what his site has to offer. It's sharp, witty, self-ironic ... and even has some meaning to offer:

The point is that Tyler Durden symbolizes our outrage against the darker version of the American Dream: the endless parade of television commercials, consumerism, and materialism; the lack of meaning and purpose; the rat race; the great spiritual vacuum.

Remember: Self-improvement is masturbation.
It's this way to John Place's Place:


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