More "Zodiac" Director's Cut News

Thanks to Angus for digging this up: The folks at Hollywood Elsewhere obviously don't want us unhappy and throw a nice rumor our way.
The recently announced running-time of 162 minutes for the "Zodiac" Director's Cut DVD may not be correct. Instead the film might run closer to 3 hours!

Since there seems to be no official, reliable information at this point, we're all clear to hope for the 3 hour cut. As Jeffrey Wells says: After all Zodiac is a movie about obsession -- why not make the feverishly awaited Director's Cut version as obsessively long as possible?

The article is nice. And short.
But beware of some hilarious comments (p.Vice):

"I believe the plan is to release a new director's cut each year with 3-4 minutes added each time.
We should expect to see the full movie sometime around 2015."

Sounds just like their marketing strategy, doesn't it?

This way to the original source:

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