Days Of Cinema "Zodiac"

Okay guys, let's honor a ton of work from contributors Ana and Thiago: Spanish TV show "Dias De Cine" (Days Of Cinema) featured a raving review of David Fincher latest ... unfortunately in spanish. So Ana and Thiago threw their wits together and created both a subtitled version of that review and a PDF transcript. Thanks a lot!

What makes this review stand out against others I had seen, is that whoever wrote this really dug deep and even moreso shows some severe respect and appreciation for David Fincher -- borderline to fanboy-dom! The review goes so far as to name Zodiac
"the first masterpiece of the 21st century" and says only time will tell what great influence and what outstanding quality Fincher's film had -- and I can only fully agree with that.

The video is roughly 13 minutes long, it references many other films from the genre and gives credit to milestone-movies that influenced Fincher's work.

What I have got to love the most is the review's closing statement:
"To pay for an admission ticket, was never worth that much."

Use the comments to praise the contributors!

Here's the clip:

Here's the PDF:


  1. the subtitles are not always so good english...but far better than my spanish! :-) thanks a lot!

  2. always nice to pay tribute to our master, and by doing that, contributing to this amazing site.

    if there is more spanish on the run... count me in ; )

    best regards.

  3. kudos to the contributors and this excellent blog! keep it up!!!