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Everybody say a loud and clear THANK YOU to Daniel Garcia for calling our attention to some hard to find David Fincher commercials, one of them a 1993 Fincher classic -- at the newly updated Anonymous Content website!

In the pull of Digital Domain's recent web-update Anonymous Content seems to have also wanted a flashy new website that doesn't allow for users to cache their work. What a god-aweful trend! And what's worse: they did a pretty good job.

The new, reworked Anonymous Content has a very nice design and features a ton of music videos and commercials for each of their directors. And among their sheer endless list of incredible talent are geniuses the likes of Andrew Douglas, Antoine Fuqua, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, Garth Jennings, Joseph Kosinski, Jake Nava, Alex Proyas, Mark Romanek, Brad Silberling and Gore Verbinski. A great website to watch for six straight hours!

I appreciate the power of honesty, so: I really don't get why NIKE (or the respective agency) would hire Mr. Genius David Fincher for their spot "Children Running". Maybe I'm just spoiled by the awesomeness of "Gamebreakers" and "Speedchain", but to my eye Alan Smithe could've shot that -- on his best day, at least. ;-)

Luckily there is David's 1993 classic "Director" spot to more than totally make up for that. -- Here's the good stuff, enjoy:

The Anonymous Content DAVID FINCHER site:

NIKE "Children Running" (2003)

COKE "The Arquettes" (2003)

CHANEL "The Director" (1993)

BMW Films (2001)
And in case you have never heard or seen anything from it: Anonymous Content has put up teasers for the David Fincher conceived and produced short-film series BMW Films "The Hire"!

This 2001 cult internet-series consisted of five shorts, each shot by star directors like John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee or Wong Kar-Wai. They were a brilliant and very successful marketing concept, spawning much imitation. Unfortunately they have been taken offline.

If you click on BMW and the respective director's names that pop up, you get to watch short teasers for every film. And by the way: The Frankenheimer directed "Ambush" and Wong Kar-Wai's "The Follow" were both written by David Fincher's SE7EN collaborator Andrew Kevin Walker.

Knowing that, what are you waiting for:

... and make sure you use the comments to say: "Thanks Daniel!"


  1. i love the chanel ad. is there a making of for it? who's the actress in it?

    thanks for the links!