Zodiac - VfxShow Podcast

How about some appreciation for visual effects that barely anyone notices? That's right: David Fincher's "Zodiac" may seem like an unspectacular journalism drama. But it is jam-packed with high end visual effects ...

Alex Lindsay and Mike Seymour of the "Vfx-Show" produced a
30 minute podcast about "Zodiac", its pioneering role in digital cinematography, the digital workflow and the quality of its barely noticeable visual effects.

Yes, it is quite talky. Yes, it is quite techy. But for every FincherFanatic with an interest in the behind-the-scenes works ...

-- this sure is great!

Whoever is into visual effects in general should check out VfxShow's other podcasts, including discussions about 300, Mission Impossible 3, Casino Royale, Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth.


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