Roy Orbison - "She's A Mystery To Me" (1989)

Roy Orbison passed away in December 1988, just prior to the release of one of his greatest hits: "You got it". While being the writer of radio classics such as "Only The Lonely", "Pretty Woman" and "I Drove All Night", his post-humous release "She's A Mystery To Me" was written by Paul David Hewson -- aka "Bono" from U2.

The David Fincher directed video was released in April 1989. And what makes it stand out for every fan, is that it has FINCHER written over almost every shot! The lighting, cinematography and editing is flawless. And it foreshadows the genius that was to hit the big screen with SE7EN, PANIC ROOM and ZODIAC. In this video, you can literally count the shots that David ended up doing in his features.

And as a special bonus:
Stop the video at 2:10 for a sneak-peek of David's NineInchNails video. -- Yeah, well. Just kidding!


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