The Wallflowers - "6th Avenue Heartache" (1996)

"When I came along, people were like, 'Great, this guy will sell no less than 2 million records just on his name alone'" Yupp! Wallflower's singer Jakob Dylan just so happens to be the son of songwriting legend Bob Dylan. But reportedly Jakob refused to use his name to get a better head-start into his career. -- He used David Fincher's ...!

After his tremendous success with SE7EN Hollywood's new star-director David Fincher took the helms of directing The Wallflowers' debut music video for "6th Avenue Heartache". Pointing out how David Fincher came to direct the video, Jakob said:

"You know, I don't exactly remember how it happened. He just got a tape before the record was out. He got a preview of the record - an advance copy. He had heard that this was going to be the new single, and he actually called us and said he was interested in doing it, if we were interested. So we thought about it and we were like, what else have you done..." (

Uhm ...?! -- Guess David's track record must not only have convinced them but have them ashamed of themselves for not knowing!
The band's follow up single "One Headlight" went even further up the billboard-charts and launched the band's mega-success in that same year. -- Or has it not become awfully quite about them since?

After this video -- a very nice composit of b/w still-frame photography and film -- David took a four year break (directing THE GAME and FIGHT CLUB), until he returned to his music videos roots with A PERFECT CIRCLE's "Judith" in may 2000.

Great song & video. Watch it here:



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