Nike - "Speedchain"

A rather well-known of David's commercials is Nike's "Speedchain", which earned him and visual effects company Digital Domain the 2004 ACIP award for Best Production, as well as the coveted Director's Guild of America Award for "Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials" in 2003. If you have seen this before and thought it wasn't much of a treat, trust me -- This one's worth a second look ...

Digital Domain says "the best part about this spot is the fact that no one thinks there are any effects in it at all". And indeed I would like for you to watch the spot first and then watch the exclusive "making of" to stun yourself with the work David and the effects guys have put into this.

Check out the DGA Awards page:

The Nike "Speedchain" spot, you can watch (or download) here:§ion=commercials
HQ Download from RockPaperScissors

And last but not least, here's the Making Of:§ion=bts

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