Four Original Zodiac Newscasts!

I found some great links for everyone, who is either still eagerly waiting to see it or has already made David Fincher's ZODIAC his new favorite movie: youtube hosts four authentic newscasts from 1969 and 1978 about the Zodiac Killer -- and allows for some stunning comparison of film and reality!

The first link shows an old CBS newscast from October 1969, whenever the Zodiac Killer first emerged. The second is a scene that has been adapted to David's feature in all possible detail: Melvin Belli (portrayed in the film by Brian Cox) in a 1969 TV-show, talking to the real Zodiac Killer on the phone! The shots, the actor and the studio --
in David's film they all look exactly the same!

Goosebumps, people -- this is really amazing!

You also get to see a press conference with some original footage of the letters, a brief interview with real-life David Toschi (portrayed by Mark Ruffalo) and a newscast of 10 years later: When out of nowhere, after a four year silence, another Zodiac letter was received.

This stuff's historical. Watch it here:

CBS Newscast of October 20th, 1969

CBS Newscast of October 22nd, 1969
ABC News of November 12th, 1969
ABC Newscast of April 26th, 1978

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