Panic Room - Visual Effects

As is common nowadays, visual effects work on feature films is done by several companies, sometimes up to a dozen or more. On 2002's PANIC ROOM french effects-cuisine BUF definitely got themselves the lion share: David's 3-minute signature shot of the camera travelling through the house!

On this site, the company displays some great screenshots of their work, and what's even more amazing, a MAKING OF video illustrating the visual effects wizardry that went into bringing David's one-shot vision to life.

The must-have PANIC ROOM 3-disc Special Edition DVD includes some further stunning visual effects, set design and sound-design featurettes. All goes to show you: This is a true masterpiece! David and his collaborators pulled off some amazing work and created a film, that ranges among the strongest cinematic achievements ever.

Buf-People, this rocks! A must for every Fincher fan:

And for everyone with heightened interests: BUF's website features and incredible collection of fx-driven commercials, music videos and feature film assignments you may just want to check out. Enjoy:


  1. I think they took the link down. Is the making-of anywhere else?

  2. They did indeed alter the link slightly. The making-of is still there. I updated the link in the post. Just click again, sit back and enjoy movie magic!

    Gosh, I love that Panic Room sequence...