The Outfield - Music Video Trilogy (1986 & 1987)

In 1986/87 David shot three promos for pop-rock band The Outfield. All three of these have a great mood and cinematography and are definitely worth a watch.

The only negative thing about the ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD video? Well, it has this strong mid-80s hairstyle thing going on.
Apart from that it's sweet and very beautifully shot.

Up next was EVERY TIME YOU CRY, which I saw for the first time just recently and it was immediately compelling: What starts out as a very beautifully staged live-performance in the course of the song expands to a epic spectacle of cosmic proportions -- breathtaking!

NO SURRENDER, released in 1987, sports some artfully done black and white shots and a visceral cinematic appeal.

Take a few minutes, lean back and enjoy ...:

ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD (USA only) (USA only) (Official SonyBMG Post)


NO SURRENDER (Official SonyBMG Post)

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