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Wow, this one might easily be the winner in any low-tech competition: The Music Video Base, But hey, it's not about fluffy-puffy flash-intros, boasting design and effects, or is it? claims to be the ultimate site for music videos. And while they don't host any clips ... (too bad! -- Would have been "amusing", to say the least, to see how the low-techers handle plug-ins and traffic!) ... the site does provide an impressive list of David's music video accomplishments -- 51 in all their awesomeness!

What makes this list worth mentioning is that it features some additional infos, such as awards and trivia.

Interestingly enough the list at Wikipedia contains even more credits (I believe around 54; e.g. the 1987 video for Wire Train's "She comes on"). So it should be really interesting to get a definite list of ALL the works he's done ...!

Here's to

... and this way to the Wiki-list:

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