Cinematographer Claudio Miranda, Studio Daily

David's DOP of choice talks about his experience with the VIPER, working with the creative team and the challenges of shooting the new and epic Fincher & Pitt flick "The Curios Case of Benjamin Button".

This is one of the first behind-the-scenes sneak-peeks we get into this amazing project. And what Claudio Miranda has to say, definitely sounds promising! David and Claudio have collaborated before on numerous commercials, such as the stunning "Nike - Gamebreakers", the "Heineken - Beer Run" or "Motorola - Pebl".

If you are technically interested or simply all nuts for the next Fincher masterpiece, make sure you read this great article at StudioDaily:

How about some Bonus Material?

Miranda's personal website hosts a ton of his commercials and videos! Get yourself an impression of his style, talent and capabilities. Here:

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