David Fincher - Fighting the Odds

Author Guido Henkel serves you with a wildly interesting article about David's work on ALIEN3, SE7EN, THE GAME and FIGHT CLUB, including his efforts to deliver the best possible DVDs to his fans!

The content of this article ranges from David's breaking into the business, the politics behind Hollywood filmmaking and full circle to David's directing approach with actors. Here is what David says about his days at Industrial Light & Magic and his first feature film credits for "Return of the Jedi" and "Indiana Jones":

“When you’re loading cameras and sweeping the stage, it is actually pretty easy to get involved into such huge projects,” David Fincher tells me with a laugh. “I didn’t have much responsibility on those shows, really. I was the second assistant and everything else is simply glorified PR work. It is pretty easy that things get blown a little out of proportion over time, I suppose.”

DVD REVIEW hosts about a half a ton of interesting features, articles and interviews on their site, including essays about Harold Ramis, Michael Bay and others.

Check out the Fincher essay right here:

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