The Grand Opening - Welcome to FincherFanatic

Since the dreadful death of "" there has not that much been going on, fanwise, for one of Hollywood's finest talents.
So, to make long stories short: It's about time for a new site ...
and you've just bumped into it!

If you noticed the title of this blog (which I hope you did, because it took me about an hour to get it working! Haha ...) you will already have a pretty good idea of what this site wants to be like: The major news resource and daily bookmark for all those who appreciate the works and genius of David Fincher the way I do.

From his groundbreaking commercial and music video contributions to his great films, FincherFanatics will try to gather up as many weblinks, interviews, trailers, behind-the-scenes articles, features, podcasts, wallpapers, etc. as the web offers.

I hope you will enjoy this page and of course I will greatly appreciate all of your contributions: If you discover anything even remotely relevant, that is not already featured on this site -- please let me know about it -- it will make the FincherFanatic site such a great deal better!

Feel free to comment (as soon as I have set that stuff up) and of course:
Bookmark this site and come back as often as you need to!