Motorola - "Pebl"

Every now and then FincherFanatics stand in awe of one of David's great commercials. That is ... if they can dig them up!

So here's the good news: Visual effects house Digital Domain showcases some of David's latest achievements ... -- in great quality and some even accompanied by a special "making of" featurette!

For this particular visual stunt, David and the Digital Domainers have created all digital landscapes, superb under-water shots and a fascinating time lapse sequence to show the epochal evolution of ... well: a phone. But hey, it's got a meteor impact in it!

Following the link below you can watch David's Motorola commercial, featuring one of these exclusive and very insightful "making ofs".

Hope you enjoy this.
Find it here:


  1. I wish I had a phone for these, mine is not working very well.

  2. I had one of these, they don't work very well either. It's just a commercial to make the phone look good.