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I have added this company to the links section, since, as some of you may already know, this is David Fincher's production company for commercials and music videos.

What makes this website more than worth checking out is an archive of some of David's brand new commercials (the ingenious HP spot "Constant Change", the Nike Gridiron "Gamebreakers" and the fabulous Adidas "Mechanical Legs") as well as a few of his older music video works.

The site features the clips in a rather low quality, using Macromedia Flash, but nonetheless let's you see the entire clips. Among those are "Judith" by A Perfect Circle and "Love is Strong" by the Rolling Stones.

To get to David's works select either "Commercials" or "Music Videos" from the main menu and scroll down until you find "David Fincher". You can double the size of the clips by right-clicking ...!

Here's the link:

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